Roselle P. O’Brien, M.A.

I am an holistic and certified Life Coach, Health & Nutrition Coach, Holistic Health Coach, and Therapeutic Arts Coach with more than thirty years of healthcare experience supporting individuals, groups, families, and communities.

My approach is holistic. I consider the whole person and their lives as a whole, always with the focus of supporting each individual and their journey towards optimal health, well-being—and reaching their goals.


  • M.A. in Education (Goddard College)
  • M.F.A., Creative Writing (Goddard College)
  • M.A., Clinical Mental Health Counseling (Lesley University)
  • B.A., Art/Fine Arts, Education (Bridgewater State University)
  • Diploma, Nursing (WalthamWeston Hospital)

Coaching Certification

  • Certified Life Coach (Transformation Academy)
  • Certified Master Wellness Life Coach (Transformation Academy)
  • Certified Health & Nutrition Coach (Transformation Academy)
  • Certified Therapeutic Arts Life Coach (Transformation Academy)
  • Certified Group Life Coach (Transformation Academy)
  • Certified Cognitive Behavior Life Coach (Transformation Academy)
  • Certified Mindfulness Life Coach (Transformation Academy)
  • Certified Self-Care Coach (Transformation Academy)
  • Coaching, Education, & Deep Communication (NTNU)

Additional Certificates

  • Eco-Health Care (CELA)
  • Holistic & Integrative Health (Florida International University)
  • Brain Health (Florida International University)
  • Nature Connectedness (University of Derby)
  • Nutrition & Wellbeing (University of Aberdeen)
  • Nutrition Science: Food Choice & Behavior (University of Aberdeen)
  • Food as Medicine (Monash University)
  • Food & Mood (Deakin University()
  • Workplace Wellbeing (Lulea University)

Professional Memberships

  • McLean/Harvard Institute of Coaching


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