Holistic Life, Health & Nutrition Coaching

Coaching is not therapy.

Many times the focus of therapy is on the past. We look, in therapy, at our past experiences to process them more deeply and better understand our lives, our relationships, and ourselves.

Coaching is growth-focused, but in a different way than therapy. Coaching starts with where you are today and looks forward, acting upon and moving towards meeting your goals while putting into place important learning and the life changes you want to see happen.

Holistic coaching looks at the whole person and their lives as a whole. The goal of holistic coaching is for each person to achieve their optimum level of wellness and wellbeing. Holistic approaches are an ongoing process that provide support, meeting you where you are at in the moment, and focusing on moving each person towards their highest potential.

Positive changes in nutrition and lifestyle can lead to positive changes in health and wellness. Health and nutrition coaching can be an insightful and empowering journey of self-discovery and health education while working towards meeting your personal goals.

Whether you need help with understanding your chronic illness, managing symptoms, your job or career, relationships, life and lifestyle changes—working with a coach can help move you closer to meeting your goals.