Monthly Plans: Therapy

The Counseling Center at CELA offers 2 monthly plans for individuals and families who choose telephone, video, or a combination of telephone and video (with less frequent emailing) as their primary support modality.

We understand that monthly plans are not for everyone or appropriate for every situation due to individual health needs and the often unpredictability of individual symptoms, reactions, and symptom management. In many situations we are able to create an individualized monthly plan using the two plans we offer as templates. Please contact us for more information about creating an individualized monthly plan and pricing.

Basic – $300

  • 4 video sessions
  • 3 telephone sessions
  • 1 of Bundle A
  • 1 of Bundle B

Three-Month Package – $825

  • 12 video sessions
  • 12 phone sessions
  • 4 of Bundle A
  • 1 of Bundle B

Reduced Rates are available including sliding fee scales and pro bono (no charge) sessions. Please contact us to discuss our reduced rates and payment options.

Prior to selecting a monthly plan, there must first be an initial intake and assessment session in which we will discuss your needs and goals. All initial sessions are scheduled for 90 minutes and must be conducted via telephone, video conferencing, or in-person. The initial session is billed at the 60-minute rate.

The rates provided below are for individual sessions. Contact us for information about family session, groups, and family/group rates.

  • $120 for one 60-minute session
  • $150 for one 90-minute session

Please use the message box below to contact us to discuss our reduced rates, pro bono sessions, and individualized payment options.


Contact us:

IMPORTANT: Do not share confidential or personal information in any communication or message you may leave.

The Counseling Center at CELA responds to mail, emails, voicemail messages as quickly as possible, typically within two to three business days.

All rates are US dollars (USD) and are subject to change without notice. The most current rates are posted on The Counseling Center at CELA website.

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