The Counseling Center at CELA provides consultations for individuals, families, healthcare and education professionals, groups, and agencies at all levels of need.

For Individuals, Families, and Groups (includes but not limited to): 

  • Information and resources
  • Health and wellness support
  • Life-style changes support
  • Assistance with reasonable accommodation requests
  • Assistance with understanding/explaining environmental illnesses, (MCS, MCAS, Mastocytosis, mast cell related disorders,) their impact on lives, current research, laboratory tests, treatments

For Healthcare and Education Professionals, Agencies, Organizations (includes but not limited to):

  • Information and resources
  • Assessment and intake guidelines
  • Strategies to support the individual
  • Strategies for family support
  • Strategies for groups and group therapy
  • Documentation guidelines

Please note: consultations are not therapy, or supervision, or coaching and are provided as educational, informational, and support resources only. Consultations do not provide direct clinical services, such as diagnoses, treatment, or any type of coaching inverventions.

Download Consultation Policy Statement


To schedule a consultation or for more information:

IMPORTANT: Do not share confidential or personal information in any communication or message you may leave.

The Counseling Center at CELA responds to mail, emails, voicemail messages as quickly as possible, typically within two to three business days.

All prices are subject to change without notice. Rate and fee amounts are U.S. dollars (USD). The most current prices are posted on the Counseling Center at CELA website.

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