Creative Arts Therapy

The creative arts are significant and integral parts of healing and health. The power of the arts to heal is tremendous. Creative Arts Therapy allows us to examine ourselves, our lives, and our direction using all our senses.

Many of our clients prefer traditional talk therapy. Others opt for creative arts therapy or like to work using a combination of traditional talk therapy while remaining open to the healing and potential for self-discovery that can be found through the creative arts. It is always the client’s choice.

Creative Arts Areas

We support our clients using multiple modalities in response to each person’s individual needs.

Creative arts areas include music and sound, painting and the visual arts, dance, movement, yoga, mindfulness, cooking and culinary arts, gardening and horticulture arts, language arts and the written, sung, and spoken word, and more!

Support services are offered via email, video, telephone, and in combinations. Providing these alternatives enables more people to access and receive needed services and supports.


Our approach to creative arts therapy is holistic and integrative. An holistic approach focuses on the whole person. The goal of holistic health is for each person to achieve their maximum level of wellness and well being. The integrative approach focuses on the person and not the illness. Integrative care providers work together with their clients as a team and build relationships based on mutual trust.

The Process

Engaging and participating in the creative arts therapy journey can have profound positive results that may benefit many areas of your life. Change and growth, in creative arts therapy as in life, can be joyous, painful, unpreditable, and, like so many things, without guarantees. Every step along the way, the decision to continue is yours.

Reduced Rates are available including sliding fee scales and pro bono (no charge) sessions. Please contact us to discuss our reduced rates and payment options.



Read & Download the REAT Code of Ethics of the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association (IEATA)

“To keep the highest standards of professional practice, each registered member must abide by the REAT Cod of Ethics, an expression of values and goals that help us define our behavior as a professional community. In order to serve a community with integrity, an established community must create its own…code of values and goals that helps us to define our behavior as a professional community. In order to keep the highest standards of professional practice, each registered member shall enter into agreement to hold and practice our code of ethics.”

— The International Expressive Arts Therapy Association (IEATA)


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