About Creative Arts Therapy

Clients come to Creative Arts Therapy from one of two basic backgrounds: the person with arts experience—whether it’s formal schooling and a degree, taking classes, or years of a hobby or craft in which they have developed a degree of skill—or the person who has no formal training in the arts but loves to listen to music, or loves to dance, or to draw and paint, loves to cook, loves reading mysteries, gardening, or secretly writes poetry that no one reads. Each is a different collaboration, a different conversation.

The Creative Arts and Health

The creative arts are significant and integral parts of healing and health. Creative Arts Therapy allows us to examine ourselves, our lives, and our direction using all our senses.

Creative Arts Therapy is not the only option for therapy and support that we offer. Many of our clients focus primarily on talk therapy while remaining open to the expressive healing and potential for self-discovery that can be found through the creative arts. It is always the client’s choice.

Our Approach

Our approach is holistic and integrative. The integrative approach is a special model of healthcare that focuses on the person and not the disease. No two clients are alike, no two lives are the same. Plans for care and individual goals are developed with each client’s active participation and in partnership with the client.

Creative Arts Areas

Creative arts areas include language arts, journal writing, reading, poetry, dance and movement, walking, ecotherapy, the ocean, the woods, your neighborhood, visual arts, architecture, interior spaces, music, culinary arts and cooking, drama, horticulture, gardening, permaculture. We support our clients using multiple modalities in response to each person’s individual needs.


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